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Week 2 Discussion Map

August 25, 2009


These were some of the terms we discussed in Week 2 so that we might 1) craft a common rhetoric from which we could draw and 2) build some foundational understandings of the intersections between race + rhetoric + technology. This map was built with Wordle.


What is rhetoric?

August 25, 2009

Rhetoric, as currently and tentatively understood by Angela Haas

  • Negotiation of cultural information—and its social, economic, and political influences—to affect social action (persuade)
  • Engagement with/participation in effective and responsible civic discourse
  • Rhetoric is a techné–or art of knowing, revealing, opening up–that serves
    • Not as a static, normative body of knowledge
    • as transferable guides and strategies
    • as a cunning plan—even a trick or trap
    • to stabilize knowledge enough to be taught but flexible enough to be adapted to particular situations and purposes
    • both intervention and invention (Atwill, 1998).
  • Takes into account that subjectivity and knowledge are interrelated
  • Productive (not normative) approach that realizes the dynamic social, political, and economic influences on knowledge-making
  • Result and precursor to productive knowledge-making
  • Communication of knowledge grounded in historical and cultural contexts.