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Daily Show report on (and parody of) Globalization/Localization Information Transfers

September 30, 2009

Check out this humorous and subversive spin on the hegemonic notions of technological/technical relationship(s) between India and the U.S.⇒”Deep Space Naan” (aired on 9/29/09). “Aasif Mandvi is proud to report that India discovered water on the moon, while America provided the tech support”:


Week 6 Discussion Map

September 25, 2009


These were some of the terms we discussed in Week 6 to talk through the tensions between localization and globalization in the contexts of information and technology transfers in cultural contexts.This week we read globalization and localization of technologies and information in cultural contexts via the course readings for the week Michel de Certeau (1984), Slack & Wise (Globalization chapter, 2005), Huatong Sun (2006), and Barry Thatcher (2000).

This map was built with Wordle.